Our Neighbourhood House

Finbar Neighbourhood House is situated at 143 Kent Street, Richmond (corner Gardner Street) and is set within the grounds of Yarra Primary School.  The property is owned by the Education Department and we thank them for allowing us to utilize the property.

Finbar is a Not-for-Profit organisation offering a wide range of activities and educational programs to the residents of Richmond and surrounding suburbs.

Finbar’s vision aims to create a strong community proud of its diversity where all people are able to realise their full potential.

Finbar’s  Purposes:

To develop and maintain a neighbourhood house for the benefit and support of members of the community.

To assist members of the community to locate agencies who will provide support to help relieve the stress of poverty, sickness and helplessness.

To provide access to website information pertaining to community and human services.

To provide ongoing educational programs to promote self improvement and employment opportunities.

To promote and strengthen voluntarism, self help and community participation.

To cooperate with appropriate agencies and local neighbourhood houses to meet community and client needs.

To maintain a secure financial base for the provision of staff salaries, physically accessible service accommodation and operating needs.