Community Garden Project

Winner - Yarra Sustainability Awards 2018
               'Community Action: Urban Regeneration Project'

Finbar’s community garden project has just celebrated 10 years and is still going strong. Kath Jones & Jude Sullivan volunteer their time to ensure our project continues to flourish and provide an essential community service.
A collaborative approach utilising Kath’s skills and Jude’s garden knowledge, the community and a commitment from Finbar will ultimately define our objectives to attain our sustainability success.


Grow what you can, where you can and share. Simply setting up a table and shelving at the front of Finbar and stocking it with organic produce with an implied invitation to take, has evolved into community members sharing by bringing their excess harvest from fruit trees and vegie patches around Richmond. Community health is improved by providing organic produce and reducing food waste.


Protecting seed diversity, enabling and inspiring people to start a garden. Small tubs and seed packets relevant to the season are made available to the community. All fruit and vegetables with some ornamentals for beauty and garden benefits have been grown and saved by Kath without chemicals or genetic modification.


Community members are encouraged to continue the 'Do it Yourself' system, but buckets will be available to:
• Drop off a full bucket of kitchen scraps
• Grab an empty bucket
• Swap & Go
• Return your bucket full
• Collect a new bucket
Buckets are available for collection/drop off 7 days a week at any time of the day. House Membership would be appreciated to help keep the compost station open.
Please ensure bucket lids are secured.