Broadband for Seniors

Broadband for Seniors is part of a $15m Australian Government initiative to increase the skills of older Australians using computers and the internet.  The aim is to get seniors in our community better connected, enabling them to discover a whole new social experience on the web and to help them to stay in touch online with friends and family, along with offering access to the wealth of information available online.

The Broadband for Seniors initiative not only provides free access to computers and broadband, but offers training in order to increase the confidence and skills of older Australians in using computers and the internet.  This can help to build community participation and levels of social inclusion and will address the issue of older Australians feeling isolated and ‘left behind’ in a technological age.

NEC Australia is delivering the technology, nationwide network and is managing the project working with our consortium partners: Adult Learning Australia, Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association and U3A Online.

Finbar’s Broadband for Seniors kiosk is currently available with Peter on Thursdays.

Our kiosk is run by Andrew who is a volunteer who donates his time to help others in the community learn the basics of using a computer, laptop or IPAD.

For more information or to make a booking please contact the office on:
03 9428 7668


Volunteers Needed!

If you have a basic knowledge of computers/IPADs and would like to become a volunteer in our Broadband for Seniors Kiosk please give us a call.  A ‘Police Check’ is required but we will provide paperwork for you.  You pick the times you are available.  You can volunteer for a day or just 2 hours it’s up to you.   We are looking for people who are over 50 and preferably available on Mondays and Fridays.